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Bible Bright Reader 2.0

A simple Bible reader with powerful search capabilities
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The Bilbe, one of the most influential books in human history, has been translated to almost any known language and is available in many formats, including Web and digital versions. This program is a simple Bible reader that allows you to choose between three different versions of the Scriptures: the King James version, the American Standard Bible and Young's literal translation. Thus, you can compare those three versions and choose the one you like best.

The program also has a powerful search engine that allows you to look for single words or entire phrases. The search results are shown in context; that is, they show the entire verse of the Bible where the word or phrase appears. Also, when you click on the result you want to view, the program opens that chapter and verse, highlighting the word/phrase you searched. As you can see, the program does pretty much the same many free programs of its kind do, so you may want to try other applications before purchasing this one.

The shareware version of the program only works for five minutes, and then a 'nag screen' will appear, preventing you from using the program further. If you want to evaluate it longer, then you need to shut it down and then restart it. To get rid of this limitation, you need to purchase a license.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Easy to use
  • Readable


  • It does pretty much the same as free programs do
  • The evaluation version runs only for 5 minutes each time
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